MATH 7210 : Foundations of Geometry II

University of Georgia, Spring 2001

Dr. McCrory, Instructor

Similarity Symmetry

In similarity symmetry, the elements are dilated by a scale factor. They retain their shape but either stretch or shrink in size. This type of symmetry is gaining attention because of its relation to fractals. "Similarity symmetry, whether visually apparent or not, results in a high degree of order within an architectural design, and lends unity to a composition."

Resource: Williams, Kim (1998). Symmetry in Architecture. (

Example 1: Sydney Opera House

Location: Sydney, Australia

Architect: Jorn Utzon

Building Type: Opera house

Symmetry: All of the roof sections exhibit similarity symmetry.

Resource: (

Example 2: Kinkaku

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Architect: Yoshimitsu

Building Type: Zen temple

Symmetry: The two roofs exhibit similarity symmetry.

Resource: (

Example 3: Notre Dame Cathedral

Location: Paris, France

Architect: Maurice de Sully

Building Type: Church, cathedral

Symmetry: The arches over the doors exhibit similarity symmetry.

Resource: (

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