MATH 7210 : Foundations of Geometry II

University of Georgia, Spring 2001

Dr. McCrory, Instructor

Translational Symmetry

In translational symmetry, architectural elements are translated by one or more translation vectors. Besides bilateral symmetry, this is the most common type of symmetry in architecture.

Resource: Williams, Kim (1998). Symmetry in Architecture. (

Example 1: Lloyds Building

Location: Rome, Italy

Architect: Richard Rogers

Building Type: Commercial, corporate headquarters

Symmetry: The outside design of the first floor is translated all the way up the building.

Resource: (

Example 2: Weissenhof Row Houses

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Architect: J. J. P. Oud

Building Type: Row houses

Symmetry: The outside archtecture of each house is translated down the row.

Resource: (

Example 3: Roman Colosseum

Location: Rome, Italy

Architect: Unknown

Building Type: Amphitheater

Symmetry: The arches are translated around and up three levels of the amphitheater.

Resource: Kent School District (Washington), Darlene Bishop and Diana Eggers (

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