EMAT 8990


Doug Westmoreland

Quadratics, Parabolas, Cubics, Logs, Unit Circle

In this section, I have selected some sketches from Exploring Algebra that I have used in my Algebra II and Trigonometry classes.  These have enriched the discussion and allowed my students to view many more examples than by paper and pencil.

Click here for quadratics 

Click here for parabola forms

Click here for cubics

Click here for logs

Click here for unit circle

Key Curriculum also has workbooks w/GSP sketches that cover Conics, and Calculus topics.  I have already explore and produced my own sketches on conics the 6680 section of my webpage.  I have not used any of the sketches from the books that I just mentioned, but I am sure that they are of the same quality as the samples that I have taken from the Exploring Algebra.

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