DAY 8 - Assessment - Mary H. Bruce - EMAT 6690

Introduction to Trigonometry

1.  Given right triangle ABC, find the ratio of AB to BC.

2.  The angle of depression from the top of one building to the foot of a building across the street is 63˚.  The angle of depression to the top of the same building is 33˚.  The two buildings are 40 feet apart.  What is the height of the shorter building?

3.  If 0<k<Π/2 and the ordered pair of the terminal point of an arc of length k on a unit circle is (a, b), what is sin(Π - k), cos(Π + k) and tan( - k)?

4.  Find (u, v) of the terminal point of an arc on a unit circle if arc length is 1.63.

5.  Find the sine of an angle in standard position whose terminal side contains the point (6, -8).

6.  Graph the following:

        (a)  y = 3 - 2cos2(x - Π/3)

        (b)  y = 2 csc x

        (c)  y = 2 + 3 sin 3(x + Π/2)


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