Day 10 ­ Test

1. Which figure is an obtuse triangle?

A. B.

C. D.


2. Which postulate can be used to prove the triangles congruent?

A. SAS Postulate B. not possible

C. ASA Postulate D. SSS Postulate


3. In Triangle MNP, segments MY, PX, and NZ are medians.

a. Find the measure of segment WY if MW = 22. ________

b. What is the measure of segment NW if ZW = 10? ________

c. If PW = 13, what is the measure of segment WX? ________

4. In triangle EFG, segments GP, FM, and EN are medians. If EM = 2x +3 and MG = x + 5, what is x?

5. For triangle ABC

a. Name the perpendicular bisector. _______

b. Tell whether segment AC is a perpendicular bisector, an altitude, both or neither


6. In triangle ABC, segment BD bisects <ABC, and segment AE bisects <BAC.

a. If m<1 = 55, what is the m<ABC? _____

b. Find m<3, if m<BAC = 38. _____

c. What is m<4 if m<3 = 22? _____

d. Find m<2 if m<ABC = 118. _____

e. What is m<BAC if m<3 = 20


7. In triangle DEF, segment EC is an angle bisector. If m<CEF = 2x +10 and m<DEC = x + 25, find m<DEC.

8. Find the values of the variables.

9. In triangle ABC, segment AB is congruent to segment AC. If m<B = 5x ­ 7 and m<C = 4x + 2, find m<B and m<C.




10. In triangle RST, <S is congruent <T, m<S = 70, RT = 3x ­ 1, and RS = 7x ­ 17. Find m<T, RT, and RS.

11. Determine whether each pair of right triangles is congruent by LL, HA, LA, or HL. If it is not possible to prove that they are congruent, write not possible.





12. Find the missing measure in the right triangle. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

13. Given the lengths of the three sides of a triangle, 11cm, 60cm and 61cm, determine whether the triangle is a right triangle.


14. Find the Pythagorean triple (x, y, z) generated if u = 5 and v = 2.


15. Find the u and v generating the Pythagorean triple (36, 77, 85)

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