One of the large topics in my EMAT 3410 class is geometry. I feel like it is important to have a good balance between theory and practicality in this topic area. Geometry is an excellent area to bring technology into. The Geometer's Sketch Pad (GSP) is a dynamic environment that allows students to explore geometric relationships without the tediousness of drawing and redrawing. Once a shape is constructed in GSP, it can be freely manipulated, scaled, and even animated. In short, it allows for exploration and is an excellent environment for students to conjecture and reason geometrically. Although GSP is a powerful tool, this does not mean that it doesn't have a place in the elementary school classroom. Teachers with students as young as second grade have used GSP and it's capabilities to delve into the exciting world of geometry. But, in order to have teachers who are willing and able to incorporate this type of program in to their classroom, they need to have experience and comfort in using it for themselves. This section of the site contains some geometric activities for presevice teachers and for children that are well served by incorporating technology.






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