Creating and Using Geometer Sketch Pad Script Tools

By:  Denise Natasha Brewley


Constructions in GSP can be quite repetitive.  A library of script tool are included below to eliminate some of the work load in basic constructions.  It is still important that the construction of each of these are understood before jumping to the script tools.  But once this has been mastered, enjoy the convenience of the speedy construction.

Scalene Triangle Centroid


Circumcenter Circumcircle

Incenter Incircle Medial Triangle Mid-segment Triangle Octagon

Triangle Centers With Euler Line

Nine Point Circle

Center of Nine Point Circle

Equilateral Triangle, given a side

Square, given a side

Isosceles triangle, given a side and altitude

Triangle Centers (H, G, C, and I)


Koch Snowflake

Koch Curve

Pedal Triangle

Trisected Line Segment

Tangent Circles to a Line

Tangent Circles