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 Two Linear Functions F(x) & G(x) With Distinct Points of Tangency

Assignment 1:

Exploration With Second Degree Equations

Assignment 2:

Investigation of Quadratic Equations of the Form y=ax2+bx+c

Assignment 3:

Investigations of Centers of a Triangle

Assignment 4:

Creating and Using GSP Script Tools

Assignment 5:

The Construction of Common Tangents to Two Given Circles

Assignment 6:

Going Off on a Tangent

Assignment 7:

Investigation of Altitudes & Orthocenters

Assignment 8:

Playing With Pedal Triangles

Assignment 9:

Investigation of Parametric Curves

Assignment 10:

Investigation of Polar Equations

Assignment 11:

The Richest Woman in Babylon
Assignment 12:


Ratios of Triangles

Final Assignment


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