Advanced Explorations with Technology in Mathematics Instruction


Project for EMAT 6700



This project explores technology usage in the classroom.  In some instances the technology aids the teaching of the subject and in others the technology is used to aid the students in their explorations.


I intend to address my explorations through the usefulness in Middle School.  In Middle School, the students face not only the QCC objectives for the NCTM Standards, but must also take the CRCT and in some cases must pass an 8th grade exam to proceed onto High School.  This means that the teacher needs to make the most out of the time the students have in math class.  There is the need to make sure that not only can the students do the work, they have confidence to be challenged and to rise to the challenges.


This project addresses Lesson Plans in which studentŐs explore some of the ÔfinerŐ points of mathematics.  Each of these areas meets both the Georgia QCC and NCTM Standards.  Allowing the students to visit some of the mystical number patterns of mathematics that shall open their eyes to more than what is right in front of them.   At least that is my hope.



The first activity is some exploration of number patterns.  Sometimes it is through number patterns that we learn to see beyond the immediate problem.  This activity looks at the Pascal Triangle.



The second activity is the introduction of PHI.  Phi turns up in some of the strangest places; it seems to be used almost everywhere.  It is a ratio/proportion that is used in art, architecture, and nature.  It is all around us. Although PHI is everywhere it is not well known.  This lesson allows the students to do some discovery with PHI.



I used a variety of technology in this project.  The amount of technology that I had students use was limited due to the fact that this project addressed Middle School and not high school. 


Technology Used:

           Microsoft Excel




The students got to work with the results of the spreadsheets and some of the GSP files.  They were also using measuring devices (tape measures and rulers).  To my surprise this was something that they had not done before.  Apparently, using a ruler and reading the results was a new experience for my students.  They needed some instruction concerning the use of measurements that were other than exact integers.



This project was incredible instructive for both my students and myself.  I can only hope that I have open a few eyes, challenged some, and left some with the interest to pursue mathematics and some of itsŐ beauty a little more deeply.



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