The Golden Ratio in Human Body and Human Embryo


Figure 1: The human embryo


During the human embryo development, the human embryo gradually unfolds itself in a such way that it is exactly similar to the the golden spiral unfolds itself as it spins farther away from its center.

Figure 2: The development of Human Embryo and Golden Spiral


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We can observe this golden spiral pattern because the human embryo growth is proportional to the size of the human embryo. This relation enables us to see this amazing mathematical relation. (see figure 2&3)

Figure 3: Stages of Developement of the Human Embryo


We can also find golden ratio in human body. The Ancient Greeks considered one woman beautiful if the proportions of the body portions give us golden ratio.(see figure 4&5)

Figure 4: The proportion of the human body display the golden ratio


If you measure the lengths of the bones in your finger, you will observe that the ratio of the longest bone in a finger to the middle bone is about the same ratio of the middle bone to the shortest bone. The ratio is going to give us Phi.

Figure 5: Showing the Golden Ratio Human arm and finger


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