Assignment 7

Prepare a retrospective summary on your experience with this assignment. The summary might take a mathematical bent, stressing the underlying theorems and relationships. It might take a pedagogical bent, stressing the exploration and discovery. It might take a "here is something interesting I found" bent. Or . . .be creative . . .

The images are a guide through the investigation of assignment #7.

Conjecture 1

Look at the image below. In our picture we have three circles (c1, c2, and c3). I have constructed the picture, but I have hidden all of the identifying objects that may have helped to determine any relationships between the circles. Make any conjectures about the image. To confirm or adjust your conjecture you may click on the link for a table of terms to see a picture and a definition of the terms.

Table of Terms

Click Here for a discussion about circles c1, c2, and c3.

Conjecture 2


In the last image, we were able to observe some relationships between the circles. Although it is nice to observe those important facts about the image above, we need to see if the relationships change when we change one of the variables. If this were to happen then our image would not be able to prove anything about circles, it would merely be a nice picture. The question is, then, what do you think will happen when point B travels around the path of c1?

Table of Terms


Click on the image to see what happens to the relationship between the circles when point B travels around circle c1.
If you do not have GSP on your computer click here for an explanation and to continue the investigation.

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