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EMAT 6680 Write-ups

Assignment 1 Graphs of the sine function

Assignment 2 Quadratic relations

Assignment 3 Examination of quadratic functions

Assignment 4 Centroid of a triangle

Assignment 5 GSP script library

Assignment 6 Angle of a field goal attempt

Assignment 7 Tangent circles

Assignment 8 Altitudes, the circumcircle and the orthic triangle

Assignment 9 Pedal triangles

Assignment 10 Parametric Equations

Assignment 11 Polar equations

Assignment 12 Fibonacci and Lucas sequences


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EMAT 6690 Write-ups

Essay 1 Line Segment Dissection

Essay 2 Ceva's Theorem

Essay 3 Cissoids

Essay 4: Flagpole Problem

Instructional Unit: Investigations of circles and figures related to circles using GSP 4.0

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EMAT 6700 Project

Project: Using technology in secondary mathematics instruction