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Assignments / Write-ups for EMT 668

 Write-up One: Exploring the Graph of  Write-up Two: Exploring the Graph of

 Write-up Three: Some Different Ways to Examine

 Write-up Four: Exploring the Medians of a Triangle  Write-up Five: Creating and Using GSP Scripts  Write-up Six: Constructing a Triangle from its Medians
Write-up Seven: Loci of the Centers of Tangent Circles Write-up Eight: Altitudes and Orthocenters Write-up Nine: Pedal Triangles
 Write-up Ten: Exploring Parametric Curves  Write-up Eleven: Exploring Polar Equations  Write-up Twelve: Spreadsheet in Mathematics Exploration

Final Assignment EMT 668 (Summer 1998)

Essays and Instructional Unit for EMT 669

Instructional Unit : An instructional unit on area and geometric probability written by Mark Cowart and Beverly Hales.

Essay One : An exploration of finding roots to a cubic equation by using Algebra Xpressor, the Geometer's Sketchpad, and Excel.

Essay Two : The Theorem of the Broken Chord.

Essay Three: The Gergonne Point of a Triangle.

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