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Last modified on January 13, 1997

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Write-up # 1. This write-up is an examination of Assignment 1 #3:

Find two linear functions f(x) and g(x) such that their product h(x) = f(x) · g(x) is tangent to each of f(x) and g(x) at two distinct points.

Write-up #2.

Write-up #3. This is an investigation of points of concurrency of lines from the vertices of a triangle to certain constructed points in similar figures on the opposite side of the triangle.

Write-up #4. This assignment was an investigation of r = a + b cos(k t) for different values of a, b, and k.

Write-up #5 This is a write-up of Assignment 12 #6. For this exploration, I boiled water and recorded temperatures each minute for the next 30 minutes as it cooled. Then the spreadsheet was used to plot temperature against time and a model was fit to the data.