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The goal of this page is to provide some information about myself and the things I do. Some of the information here is personal and some of it is professional. I hope that you find it interesting.

Personal Information: Before we get too involved in all the professional information, I thought you might like a chance to get to meet me and learn a few things about my personal life. A little background into a person always helps to put the professional information into a better perspective. I've included a picture, my hobbies, my tastes in music and even a few personal philosophies.

Now we'll start talking about some of the things I have done during my years of schooling.

Courses Taken: In my post secondary career, I've been to three Universities, Edinboro University, University of Memphis and the University of Georgia. If you would like to see the list of courses that I have taken at each of these universities, or take a field trip to visit any of their home pages, then this is the place.

Courses Taught: During my academic carreer I've had the opportunity to teach several courses. At the moment the only course listed here is a UGA course MAT 205, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers. You can find a brief description of the course goals, topics covered, and assessment techniques.

Course Work. If you'd like to read some papers that I have written for various classes, I have provided at least two. They're not masterpieces, but they do have a lot of information and it provides a sample of my writing style.

A Report on the Interactive Mathematics Program

Using the Language Arts to Teach Mathematics (Under Construction)

A Exploration into Lines Using GSP, Algebra Xpressor and Spreadsheets


Essays for EMT 669

Phi: That Golden Number: This is a brief essay on the number Phi, other wise known as the golden Ratio.

Desargues Theorem: This essay describes Desargues Theorem and uses it to explore some situations.

Using GSP to Teach Lines. GSP can not only be used to teach geometry; it can be used to teach some algebraic concepts as well. In this particular lesson plan, GSP is used as a dynamic environment to teach lines.

Finding the Roots of Functions. This brief essay gives four different ways of finding the roots of equatons that do not easily lend themselves algebra.

Lines and Parabolas: This essay discusses the following problem: What conditions must be satisfied on two lines, if they are both tangent to the parabola that is their product.

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Math and Math Ed. Links This link will lead you to web pages with a wealth of information that could come in handy if your interseted in Mathematics or Mathematics Education. These links were developed for Project LITMUS at the University of Georgia.

Links of Interest: Here are some links that I think are fun, interesting and useful.

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