Proposal documents

Preparation for Proposal Writing Meeting

From Pat Wilson. Plans for the Meeting and Assignments in Preparation for the meeting.

Notes from Situation Project Meeting at UGA

Overview and guidelines for the May 30-31 meeting.

Theoretical Framework for Secondary Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (draft)

by Jeremy Kilpatrick, Glen Blume, & Bob Allen


Centers for Learning and Teaching: Accumulating What We've Learned Initiative

This is the so-called 'Dear Colleague Letter' that lays out the opportunities at NSF for which we are preparing our proposal

Teacher Knowledge Reference List

from K. Heid.

Mathematics Preparation of Teachers -- History

Ferrini-Mundy, J., & Findell, B. (2001). The mathematical education of prospective teachers of secondary school mathematics: Old assumptions, new challenges. In CUPM discussion papers about mathematics and the mathematical sciences in 2010: What should students know? (pp. 31-41). Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America.

UGA PSU Meeting May 30-31, 2006