Instructional Unit 1

An introduction to quadratic functions through application.

by Sandy Cederbaum


The following link is an Excel file with some data relating the height of an object to time in seconds. Open the link and a Microsoft Word document. Answer each question in the Microsoft Word document and save it as YourLastName1.doc.

Open the link below and write a few sentences about the trends in the data. Are there some data points that give us special information about our projectile?


Use Excel to draw a scatter plot of the data. Can you give any further information about the trends or special data points?

If this is indeed the data for some projectile with respect to time, does it make sense to connect the plotted points with a smooth curve? Explain why or why not.

Write a short paragraph describing a real world situation that might correspond to this data using specific data values. Use what you learned about the trends and special data points above.

Here is some mathematical terminology that we will use to describe some of the special data points. DEFINITIONS

Determine or approximate each of the following values based on the data and describe the real world meaning of that value in the context of your paragraph:


X-Intercept(s)-Be careful that you are making sense in the "real world".


The next several units will be concerned with methods we can use to find good answers to the above questions.

Move on to Unit 2 - Graphing Quadratic Functions Through Transformations: Part 1.