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The Department of Mathematics Education

MacTutor History of Mathematics Site -- St. Andrew's University

Math Forum (alias Geometry Forum)

Furman University Mathematical Quotation Server

Project InterMath

Personal: Sailing in the Carribbean

Personal: Walking for my Grandmother

EMAT 6680 Write-ups

Write up 1

Investigating the Distance Equation

Write up 2

The Binomial Expansion for n=2

Write up 3

Investigating Quadratics

Write up 4

The Circumcenter

Write up 5

A GSP Script Library

Write up 6

The Kick is Good!

Write up 7

Tangent Circles

Write up 8

An Investigation of the Orthocenter

Write up 9

Properties of Pedal Triangles

Write up 10

Parametric Equations

Write up 11

Rosey Polar Equations

Write up 12

Golden Fibonacci Numbers

EMAT 6690 Essays


Efficient Fencing - Using GSP to model a Parabola

Perfect Triangles - An Investigation Using Heron's Theorem

Math in Context - Statistical Process Control

Instructional Unit in Applied Statistics: Where's the Sweetness?

MATH 7210 Project

Presentation on Symmetry in the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

Transformations Unit

Symmetry History

EM & EMS Project

GSP Demonstration: Lever 1

GSP Demonstration: Lever 2

GSP Demonstration: Light Intensity

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