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EMAT 6680

The following are the write-ups that were required for the class:

 Write-up 1

Graphs: Product of two functions tangent to both

 Write-up 2


 Write-up 3

Quadratic Equations

 Write-up 4

Triangle Concurrencies: Circumcenters and circumcircles

 Write-up 5

GSP Tools

 Write-up 6

Problems: Triangle with sides equal to medians of given triangle; constructing a parabola

 Write-up 7

Tangent Circles: Finding a circle tangent to two given circles, constructing ellipses

 Write-up 8

Altitudes and Orthocenters: Exploring properties

 Write-up 9

Pedal Triangles: Explores pedal points, pedal triangles, incenters, and incircles

 Write-up 10

Parametric Equations: Explored parametric equations; see the football

 Write-up 11

Polar Equations: Explored polar equations; see the starfish, daisy, sun, and sand dollar

 Write-up 12


Final Assignment

Ceva Lines

EMAT 6690

The following are the requirements for the class:

ESSAY 1 --- Napolean's Triangle by Matt Sorrells, Rita Snyder, and B.J. Jackson

ESSAY 2 --- Revolution Problem by Matt Sorrells, B.J. Jackson, and Eugenia Vomvoridi

ESSAY 3 --- Fords Circles by Matt Sorrells and Rita Snyder

ESSAY 4 --- Missing Block Problem by Matt Sorrells, Rita Snyder, and B.J. Jackson


Instructional Unit


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