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DeJour Alexander was born on the morning of January 11, 1998.
My older sister, Paula, made me an Auntie.


Here is some work I have done in the following classes.

EMT 668 Fall 1997

 EMT 669 Winter 1998

 EMT 725 Spring 1998

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 EMT 669 Syllabus


 EMT 725 Syllabus

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By Jacqueline Brannon Giles
How can I say the beauty of a rose,
exceeds the beauty of a lily,
or the strength of a lion,
exceeds the gentleness of a lamb?
Jesus Christ is The Rose of Sharon,
The Lily of the Valley,
The Lion of Judah,
and the Lamb of God.
Each metaphor share equally
in the description of our Lord.
Neither is above or below the other.
Our talents and contributions are
likewise lacking in comparability.
We each share our glory.
We each share our beaty.
And in so doing, we each make
our indelible impression on mankind.


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