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C'est moi!


Welcome to my little corner of the net. Although you can't see it, there are a few sweat stains on this page. No, I haven't been doing aerobics at this address with Sandra Bullock. I have been engaged in a study of topics in the calculus, and you are invited to join me. This page is not intended to be sufficient in and of itself to teach calculus. It is a supplement for the serious calculus student. If you have the moxy to study a little advanced mathematics, then this page is for you.

If you need a little Precalculus review, click

Freshen Me Up Man

One of the major topics studied by the calculus student is optimization of functions and the related applications. Click below to explore this exciting calculus concept.

Calculus and Optimization of Functions


A favorite theorem of Calculus buffs (and buffets) is the mean value theorem. Get mean and click below to check it out.

The Mean Value Theorem


Let's do a little in depth exploration of the derivative, if you will. Click below to be amazed. Derivatives Are Cool


No serious study of the calculus can omit looking at the concept of limit. Students often say this is a frustrating concept for them. They are all in good company in any century they choose. Let's take a look and see if we can develop some understanding!

Limit Me


What else are derivatives good for? Glad you asked. Click Relate Those Rates to enlighten yourself.


Now I suppose you want to know what you can do with antiderivatives as well. Click Riemannto scratch the surface of the answer to your question.


Derivatives exist for many more kinds of functions than just polynomial ones. Even the trigonometric functions are differentiable (some not at all points). To explore the differentiability of the trig functions, click Trig to launch a study.


Mathematicians often use the derivative to find a linearization to a function, particularly a difficult function. To "straighten" yourself out on this topic, click Linearization and Differentials


Sometimes the mathematician must use a special technique to evaluate a limit. For an example, click Sandwich


Even though graphing calculators seem to be abundant these days, it still behooves the student of the calculus to know something about explaining the behavior of a curve by looking at its derivatives. To investigate this click Curve Sketch




For more calculus problems on various concepts, see Tommy Ratliff's Calculus Page

Kelly Black's "Putting in Optimization" (Univ. of N.Hampshire)




There are only about 1 million places you can find on the net to continue your study of calculus. So, turn on your search engine when you leave.



Before we say goodnight, it is perhaps important to link to some of those folks from history on whose shoulders we stand. Click Some of the Greats to do so.