EMT 668
Write-Up #3
An exploration of triangles and points of concurrency.

Aarnout Brombacher

Task description
Before engaging in this task it seems sensible to prepare ourselves by making a summary of important properties that we already know about triangles and significant points associated with triangles.

Glossary of important terms and triangle properties that are germain to the task.

The following terms are important and should be reviewed by the reader before proceeding with the discussion below. In most cases a short desription of the term or concept is given and in nearly ALL cases a proof is provided.

Euler Line
Nine point circle
Fermat point
Orthic Triangle
Napoleon's Triangle
Pedal Triangle
Miquel points

Task discussion:

Feel free to look at the tasks in any order you will find that they are interlinked to demonstrate the interrelationship between the tasks.


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