Sample Instructional Units

Last modified on January 4, 2013

Kyle Schultz

Geometry of Inversion


Sandra Akin:

Lesson Plan for Investigation of Ellipses

Dwayne Alvus and Wanda Nabors

Projective Geometry Unit.

Heather Bridges & Leanne May

Transformational Geometry

Marcia Bailey, Linda Crawford, and Cynthia Dozier

Maximum and Minimum Values of a Function

Teresa Banker

Circles: Their Lines and Segments

Aarnout Brombacher

Instructional Unit: Area Relationships

I have prepared a two part instructional unit on area relationships. Each part can be used as a self contained unit or the two parts can be used as complimentary activities.

Mike Callinan

Cedar Shoals Unit. This unit, called "Save or Play", was a one-day unit given to a Cedar Shoals High School Pre-Algebra class. The objective was to teach them how to manipulate equations and a variable on a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, in this example) and also give them a valuable lesson for their future. The spreadsheet compares two saving patterns in columns B and C, each saving annually at 5 percent interest, the amount stored in cell D1. The years are represented in column A.

Mike Callinan and Larry Shook

An Instructional Unit for the Mathematics of Finance

Jody A. Carlisle

Exponential Functions and Logarithms

Drew Cronic and Chris Hood

Equations and the Number Line
Inequalities and the Number Line
Ordered Pairs
The Coordinate System
Equations with Two Variables
Graphing Equations

Unit Goal: The students should be able to graph solutions to equations and inequalities and graph equations using slope and x and y intercepts.

Fhonda Danley and September Matteson

Transformations: Revisiting Congruence.

Paul Detwiler

INSTRUCTIONAL UNIT . This instructional unit is designed to be a ten day experience on the computer with internet access and The Geometer's Sketchpad. This material is supplemental to both Geometry and Algebra II classes.

Mary Eager

Instructional Unit on Parametric Curves

Introductory Exploration and Assessment
Parametric Equations for Lines
Using Parametric Equations to Model Projectile Motion
Assessment Strategies

Mark Freitag

Using GSP to Teach Lines. GSP can not only be used to teach geometry; it can be used to teach some algebraic concepts as well. In this particular lesson plan, GSP is used as a dynamic environment to teach lines.

Jemma M. Giddings

Lesson on Loci

Paul Godfrey

Something COO-EL. This is a series of expositions based on Euclid using the Geometer's Sketchpad as an illustrator. It relies on the famous translation work of John Playfair.

Angela Head and Emily Willis

Conic Sections

Greg Huberty

Area Explorations


Lori Pearman, Cathy Perkins, Stephanie Morris, and Kyungsoon Jeon

Instructional Unit about Various Functions


Unit 1 (2 day): Linear Inverse: Hooke's Law Varignon's Theorem click here

Unit 2 (3 day): Linear Inverse: Telescope click here

Unit 3 (2 day): Quadratic: Plumber Pipe Cleaners click here

Unit 4 (1 day): Trigonometry: Ferris Wheel click here

Unit 5 (1 day): Exponential: Bank Business click here

Unit 6 (1 day): Exponential: Graphic Understanding click here

June Jones

Conic Sections

Lewis Millard and John Moore

Pre-Algebra 10-day instructional unit

Reggie Looney

Beautiful Concepts for Calculus

Michelle (Lowery) Brantley

Instructional Unit One - Reflection Lab

Instructional Unit Two - Translations Lab
Instructional Unit Three - Rotations Lab
Instructional Unit Four - Square Root Lab
Instructional Unit Five - Functional Shift Lab

Derelle McFarland

Construction Unit

Sue Pinion and Lisa Stueve

Lesson Plan for Investigation of Ellipses

Sample Student Response

Craig Rimpley

Instuctional Unit on Exponential Functions

Jennifer Roth

10-Day Unit: Geometric Exploration of Circles

Wendy Sanchez

Instructional Units

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