It's Your Call!





A WebQuest 
on software evaluation 
for EDIT 2000
Created by Evan Glazer 

Instructor Notes
In this activity, you have developed strategies to evaluate software that you will be able to use in your own career. You have also collaboratively developed ideas in a group, experienced and demonstrated reflective decision making, and delivered a clear and concise argument in a presentation.
As you embark on your career, you will need to make responsible decisions when selecting and using software to support your needs. The evaluation rubric you have developed is one way to choose software, and is the first step in effective technology integration. Consider the following questions as extensions to this activity. 
  • How would your selection change if you were concerned about your budget?
  • Which software would you use if you wanted to lead a professional workshop?
  • How would you train teachers in your school to use the software you selected?
  • How will you develop instructional resources to make best use of the software for your students learning? 
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