It's Your Call!





A WebQuest 
on software evaluation 
for EDIT 2000
Created by Evan Glazer 

Instructor Notes 
Your Presentation
TIP: Include supporting notes in your PowerPoint slides to help deliver the presentation.  Your 10-12 minute PowerPoint presentation to the Media Specialist about your selected software should include at least: 
  • General information (purpose, price, etc.)
  • Screen captures that illustrate how the tool is used (discuss what the tool does and how it supports learning)
  • An explanation of why you chose this software over others (discuss evaluation). 

After giving the presentation, write a reflection statement that addresses your thoughts about the activity, why software evaluation is/is not useful for your career, and participation in your group.  Send the reflection statement in an email message to your instructor.

Post your PowerPoint presentation and your webpage evaluation (rubric and scores) to your electronic portfolio by November 4, 2002. Every member of the group should post both of the files to their own accounts.

Software Evaluation Grading Rubric 
software evaluation rubric

Criteria are fuzzy and incomplete (0-1)

Criteria are ok, but need a little more explanation (2-3) Criteria are clear and comprehensive (4-5)
Software selection
Not clear why this is the best or why it supports learning (0-2) Basic understanding of why it was selected, but not sure if it is the best (3-5) Clear explanation of why this software is the best choice (6-7)
Confusing and unenthusiastic (0-1) The message was delivered ok (2-3) Clear and motivating (4-5)
PowerPoint skills
Does not consider utility of animation, color, images, and information (0-1) Competently uses animation, color, images, and information (2-3) Cleverly and wisely uses animation, color, images, and information (3-4)
Limited views without much reasoning expressed (0-1) Moderate reflection including some reasoning and justification (2-3) Thoughtful and thorough explanations that reveal your reasoning behind your thoughts. (3-4)
 Bonus: Extra credit will be awarded to teams that receive the bonus money from the Media Specialist. 


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