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EMAT 6500 Connections in Mathematics

Summer 2014

(First Summer Short Session -- June 5 - July 1)
(8:00 - 10:30 Daily)

Informal description:

The course is built around two sources of materials:

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM)
         Grade level standards
         Standards of Practice

Mathematics Understanding for Secondary Teaching (MUST)

         This is a project supported by NSF, called the Situations Project, in which actual observations of classroom episodes are used as prompts to engage in detailed exploration of the Mathematical  idea that may be relevant to the prompt.    We will be examining these prepared MUST Situations, studying the MUST Framework that has been synthesized from considering a large number of Situations documents (Prompt plus mathematical analysis),  and engage in CREATING our own Situations documents from one of our own classroom episodes.

The CCSSM will be coordinated with our explorations of the Situations.


Class Members Summer 2014

Class Members Summer 2013

Ferra, Michael    
Foy, Colleen      
Graves, Mary Ellen Hornbeck, David Major, Sarah Plummer, William Roberts, Sydney Scarpelli, Nicolina

SYLLABUS                          COURSE EVALUATION (to be active at the end of the course)

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics  (PDF

MUST Project Documents.



Situation 01:  Sin 32˚ 

Situation 03:  Inverse Trigonometric Functions 

Situation 08:   Locus of a Point on a Moving Segment 

Situation 09: Perfect Square Trinomials

Situation 10: Simultaneous Equations

Situation 20: Area of Plane Figures

Situation 21: Exponential Rules 

Situation 28: Adding Square Roots

Situation 27:  Product of Two Negative Numbers

Situation 39:  Summing the Natural Numbers   

Situation 40:  Powers   

Situation 43:  Can You Circumscribe a Circle about this Polygon? 

Situation 46:  Division by Zero


Create a Situation document from this Prompt:

    Drafts of the Quotient of  Two Binomials Situation

Team 1: 

Team 2: 

Template for Situation format  

Drafts of Individual Situation Projects 2013


1. Quadrilaterals (Final 7/31/13)
2. Pythagorean Theorem (Final 7/31/13)
3. What is π? (Final 7/31/13)


1. Limit and Sum of a Series  (Final 7/8/13)
2. Solving Logarithmic Equations (7/17/13 Final)
3. Parentheses and Brackets  (7/29/13 Final)


1. 180 Degrees in an Euclidean Triangle ("final" 7/12/13)
2. Adding Fractions (Final 7/23/13)
3. Increasing or Decreasing (7/31/13 Final)


1. Infinity + Infinity (7/1/13)  "Final draft"
2. Zero vs. Nothing  (7/9/13) Final
3. Slopes of Perpendicular Lines (7/18/13) Final


1. Complex Roots (Final 6/30/13)
2. Line of Best Fit  (Final 7/25/13)
3. Exponential Bases (Final 7/25/13)


1. Translating Functions (Final 7/29/13)
2. False Identity (Final 7/29/13)                Trig Functions GSP file
3. Multiplying Binomials (7/30/13)


1.  Exponential Rules -- (Final 8/1/13)
2.  Irrational Lengths  -- (Final 8/1/13)
3.  Numbers Raised to the Zero Power -- (Final 8/1/13)


1. Congruent Triangles vs Similar Triangles (Final 7/25/13)
2.  Zero slope; undefined slope (Final 7/25/13)
3. Simultaneous Equations (Final 7/25/13)



Situations Project  (requires ID and Password)

Unused Prompts from Situations Project

Let Us Teach Guessing  -- A demonstation by George Polya with a high school class in 1965.  The demonstration is about an investigation of the maximum number of parts into which space can be divided by 5 planes.  (Warning:   The video is 60 minutes long.)

Logarithms as Area under a curve  --- Essay by former student, Signe Kastberg.   This may be a draft.

Lessons materials for exploring Logarithms.    Lesson materials begun by Signe Kastberg but not completely finished.    





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