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Math Forum (alias Geometry Forum)

Furman University Mathematical Quotation Server

Project InterMath

 Assignment 1:

Contour Maps of a Relation

Assignment 2:

An Exploration of Two Conic Sections

 Assignment 3:

The Locus of Vertices for a Family of Parabolas

 Assignment 4:

Concurrency of Triangle Medians

 Assignment 5:

GSP Scripts

 Assignment 6:

Relationships between a Triangle and its Medial Triangle

 Assignment 7:

Tangent Circles

 Assignment 8:

A Proof of Congruent Circumcircles

 Assignment 9:

An Exploration of Pedal Triangles

 Assignment 10:

An Exploration of the Cycloid

 Assignment 11:

An Investigation of Conic Sections in Polar Form

 Assignment 12:

An Exploration of the Fibonacci Sequence




Final Assignment

A Proof of Ceva’s Theorem

EMAT 6690

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