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EMAT 6680
 Assignment 1: Take a closer look at using Graphing Calculator 3.1.
Assignment 2:  Investigate using Graphing Calculator 3.1.
 Assignment 3: Investigating the Roots of a Parabola with Dr. James Wilson
 Assignment 4: Triangle Congruency Proof by SSS.
Assignment 5: GSP Scripts 
Assignment 6: A Triangle & its Median Triangle
 Assignment 7: Tangent Circles and the Loci of their Centers
 Assignment 8: Altitudes and Orthocenters
 Assignment 9: Pedal Triangles
Assignment 10: Parametric Curves
Assignment 11: (under construction)
 Assignment 12: Spreadsheet Investigation #7
Final Project, 2001 Investigate point P inside DABC.
EMAT 6690 Instructional Unit Essays Square Within a Square Some GSP Computer Investigations for Students Buried Treasure High School Geometry Computer Labs
 Linear Equation Activity for Graphing Calculator
Parallel Line and Angle Pair Investigation on GSP
Angle Sum of Polygons Investigation on GSP
Exterior Angle Sum of Polygons Investigation on GSP
Properties of Special Parallelograms Investigation on GSP

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