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Updated: 9-7-2009



Some links I like:


Mathematics Education Program Page :: UGA

Prince Avenue Baptist Church

National Weather Service

Math Forum

Renewed Vision

Project InterMath

Professional Association of Georgia Educators

Focus on the Family

Fox News

Gifted Child Today Magazine


*Some links are personal favorites and may not necessarily represent the views of the University of Georgia or the views of the Department of Mathematics and Science Education of UGA.


EMAT 6680 Assignments


Assignment 1:

Trigonometric Investigation

Assignment 2:

Transformations of Parabolas

Assignment 3: Transformations and Locus of Points

Assignment 4:

Finding a Triangle from the Medial Triangle

Assignment 5:

GSP Script Library

Assignment 6:

Locus of Points

Assignment 7:

Tangent Circles

Assignment 8:

Orthocentric Ratios

Assignment 9:

Pedal Triangles

Assignment 10: Parametric Equations

Assignment 11:

The Polar Express

Assignment 12:

Fibonacci Sequences



Final Assignment:

Bouncing Barney and Ceva’s Theorem




EMAT 6690



Polynomials – “Freshman” Mistakes (?)

Figurate Numbers

Division Algorithm With Gaussian Integers


Instructional Unit :: Probability





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