Clay Kitchings :: EMAT 6600 – Problem Solving in Mathematics :: Spring 2007



Some Helpful Mathematics Problem Solving Resources:


      How To Solve It, George Polya

      Polyas Problem-Solving Plan

      Alan Schoenfelds Website (Includes several references and publications; some in pdf format)

      Other Publications from Polya

      NCTM Problem-Solving Standard Overview

      Calendar Problems from The Mathematics Teacher

      Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving, Grades 6-12

      Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving, Grades PreK-6


Problems Im the Most Interested In:

1.        Ratio on a Line Segment

2.        Triangle Midsegment Proof

3.        Sum of a Series Problem

4.        KSU Math Competition Problem 1

5.        McNuggets

6.        Consecutive Odds and Evens

7.        Minimum of

8.        An Induction Problem

9.        Rational or Irrational?

10.       100 Degree Isosceles Triangle

11.       Divisibility by 11



Miscellaneous Class Notes

(During four of the class sessions, I tried to take notes using my computer. I decided to include them here.  In some cases, the notes may end abruptly.  These are ONLY notes, and are included to show samplings of some of the topics and types of problems we discussed in the class.  They may or may not represent the entire class discussion. They may represent some of my own thoughts and/or trial-and-error attempts. They are not to be evaluated based on their mathematical accuracy, organization, or otherwise.)


March 28, 2007 Class Notes

April 4, 2007 Class Notes

April 11, 2007 Class Notes

April 18, 2007 Class Notes



Problem Still In Progress


I have been frequently interested in problems that resemble anything having to do with figurate numbers. I noticed the Counting Triangles problems on the EMAT 6600 website and figured (pardon the pun) that triangular numbers might be involved.  Ive spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out portions of this one particular problem.


Click here for my progress on this problem.

      GSP File for n=8.

      GSP File for n=5.