BeginnerÕs Trigonometry

In 6 Lessons

By Rebecca Adcock



         You thought you were doing a good job surviving Algebra and Geometry and now youÕre signed up to study ŌTrigonometryĶ. So what is it? You probably noticed in Geometry class that you spent more time studying triangles and circles than any other figure. And probably more time on triangles than on circles. Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics, related to geometry, that studies the relationships between the sides of triangles and their angles. Three of these relationships are the sine, cosine and tangent functions. Before we can study these relationships, we need to review the Pythagorean Theorem and briefly study special right triangles. ThatÕs what Lessons 1 and 2 are all about. Then the fun stuff starts in Lesson 3. IÕm serious! Trig is really neat. Find out for yourselfÉ

         In case you were wondering (and IÕm sure you were) the word trigonometry comes from the Greek words trigonon meaning triangle and metron meaning measure. It was originally used to answer questions in geography and astronomy.

         Work through each lesson at your own pace. After completing a lesson , go to Lesson Assessments and test yourself. Answers are found in TeacherÕs Resource. But donÕt look until youÕve worked through the assessments!



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