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AERA 2005 presentation in Montreal, Canada:

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EMAT 8990, summer 2002:

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MATH 7210, spring 2002:


Something about me.
Some links I like:

 Mathematics, Teaching, & Education links:  
 The Department of Mathematics Education  ...where I am currently enrolled in doctoral study and am learning a HUGE amount.
 Intermath  ...a project for middle school math teachers to investigate mathematics using technology.
 NCTM  National Council of Teacher of Mathematics
 Rethinking Schools  Must-read web site for those interested in equity and justice in schools.
 Rethinking Mathematics Education--a Critical Pedagogy Perspective  EMAT 8990 seminar for spring 2001
 Rage & Hope  Good site for information and an overview of critical pedagogy and scholars working in the field.  Nice interactive web site of applets to explore many different school mathematics topics.
 Flatland  yes! the book on-line!

 T'ai Chi Chih links:  Comprehensive web site of information about T'ai Chi Chih.  ...where I currently teach T'ai Chi Chih.

 Links for writing, dance, and art:  
 Ploughshares  A great fiction and poetry journal.
 LitLine   A listing of literary journals.
 Performance Calendar  ...for the Dept. of Dance at UGA.
 Hubbard Street Dance Chicago  A great dance company in my home town.
 Art Institute of Chicago  I feel like I grew up here...

EMAT 6680 Write-ups--Amy Hackenberg

Write-up # 1--Playing with Combinations of Sine and Cosine

Write-up # 2--A Parabola Becomes...

Write-up # 3--Examining ax^2 + bx + c = 0

Write-up # 4--Investigating the Nine-Point Circle

Write-up # 5--Amy's Script Library

Write-up # 6--Exploring a Triangle Made of Medians

Write-up # 7--Tangent Circles Create a Parabola

Write-up # 8--Investigations of Relationships Involving Special Centers in a Triangle

Write-up # 9--Exploring Special Pedal Points & Special Pedal Triangles

Write-up # 10--Parametric Curves: Varying Coefficients and Powers of Sine and Cosine

Write-up # 11--Everything's Coming Up Roses

Write-up # 12--A Slinky Model

Final Write-up

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