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The Program of Mathematics Education

MacTutor History of Mathematics Site -- St. Andrew's University

Math Forum (alias Geometry Forum)

Furman University Mathematical Quotation Server

Project InterMath

A tutorial for EMAT 6680



Transformations of the Sine and Cosine Graphs


Translations of the Quadratic Function

Varying “b” in the Standard Quadratic Equation


 Proving the Concurrency of Perpendicular Bisectors


 GSP Script Library

Constructing a Parabola


 Introduction to Tangent Circles

Altitudes and the Orthocenter

 A Special Case of the Pedal Triangle

 Parametric Curves and Trigonometry

Investigating Polar Equations

 The Price of Stamps: An Excel Exploration




Final – Bouncing Barney and Ceva’s Theorem

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