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Project InterMath


 Assignment 1:

5. graph of

y=a sin(ba+c)

Assignment 2:


Quardratic equation

 Assignment 3:

Investigate cubic equation

 Assignment 4:

6. Investigate the MEDIAL triangle

 Assignment 5:


 Assignment 6:

8.Problem Solving

 Assignment 7:

Tangent circle

 Assignment 8:

Altitudes and Orthocenters

 Assignment 9:

Pedal triangle

 Assignment 10:

Parametric equation

 Assignment 11:

Polar equations

 Assignment 12:

4. Exploration of the Fibonnaci sequence


6680 Final Assignment


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EMAT 6700

Project - Consideration for appropriate technology in mathematics education

I took the class of EMAT 6680 in 2003 fall semester. Through this class I made my web page and productions such as write-ups and a final project. Investigating and exploring mathematics by technology (e.g. Graphic Calculator, Geometer's Sketchpad, Excel, and Adobe PageMill, etc.) were different experiences from using technology to solve problem personally. Therefore, I re-consider the use of technology in mathematics education.



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