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Project InterMath


Car Depreciation

Student Explorations

NCTM E-examples: Interactive measures of central tendency, Pythagorean Theorem proof, rate of change problems, and more

Virtual Manipulatives:  Interactive algebra tiles, balance scales for solving linear equations, probability of games, using deductive thinking to solve problems, and more

Pythagorean Theorem: Interactive proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem

Outer Angles of Polygon:  Interactive applet explaining sums of outer angles of polygons

Ratios of Area

Linear Function Graphs:  Demonstration of tank being filled with water and graph


Missle Application:  Determine if a chopper can carry missiles

Algebra Applets:  Integers, Fractions, Algebra Tiles, and much more!




Assignment 1: Exploring y = a(sin bx + c)

Assignment 2: Exploring y = ax^2 +x + 2

Assignment 3: Article:Examining ax^2 + bx + c = 0

Assignment 4: Exploring thecentroid, orthocenter, circumcenter, and incenter

Assignment 5: GSP Library

Assignment 6: Creating Parabolaswith GSP

Assignment 7: Tangent Circles

Assignment 8: Orthocenters andAltitudes

Assignment 9: Pedal Triangles

Assignment 10: Parametric Curves

Assignment 11: Polar Equations

Assignment 12: ExploringSpreadsheet

FINAL: Triangle Side Relationships

EMAT 6690




Friday the 13th


The Tomahawk


Encryption & Ciphering



Instructional Unit for Conics:


Lesson 1:

What is a Conic?

Lesson 2:


Lesson 3:


Lesson 4:


Lesson 5:


Lesson 6:

Comets & Planets

Lesson 7:

3D Figures

Lesson 8:

Dolphins & Footballs





EMAT 7080

(You must have Geometer’s Sketch Pad to open these files)


          Fraction Model                                                                        Area Model



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