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EMAT 6680 Assignments

Assignment 1
Assignment 4
Assignment 7
Assignment 10 
Graphs of Sine Function
Centers of a Triangle
Tangent Circles
Parametric Curves
Assignment 2
Assignment 5
Assignment  8
Assignment 11
Graphs of Square Function
GSP Scripts
Altitudes and Orthocenters
Polar Equations
Assignment 3
Assignment 6
Assignment 9
Assignment 12
Examining Quadratic Equations
Explorations with GSP
Pedal Triangles 
Use of Spreadsheet 

Final EMAT 6680 Assignment

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EMAT 6690 Assignments

Essay 1 ---- Pythagorean Theorem

Essay 2 ---- Napoleon Theorem

Essay 3 ---- Arbelos

Instructional Unit

This instructional unit is on polynomial and rational functions. This a unit taught towards the end of a College algebra course. It provides five days of lecture and homework assignments which are at the end of every module and they are called "Give it a Try". The answers to these problems are also provided. Test for this unit is on day six.

Day 1 ---- Polynomial division

Day 2 ---- Graphs of polynomial functions

Day 3 ---- Zeros of polynomial functions

Day 4 ---- Complex polynomial functions

Day 5 ---- Rational functions and their graphs

Day 6 ---- Test


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