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EMAT 6680 Write-ups

 Write-up # 1

Graphs of the form y=a * sin (bx + c)

 Write-up # 2

Quadratics (specifically of the form y=2x2 +3x-4

Write-up # 3

More quadratics (here of the form ax2+bx+c=0

 Write-up # 4

Proof the medians of a triangle are concurrent

Write-up # 5

Some very useful Geometer's Sketchpad scripts

Write-up # 6

Constructing a triangle given its medians

Write-up # 7

Tangent Circles

Write-up # 8

A triangles altitudes, orthocenter, and orthic triangles

Write-up # 9

Pedal Triangles

Write-up # 10

Parametric Equations and their graphs

Write-up # 11

Polar Equations and graphs

Write-up # 12

Mathematical Investigations utilizing spreadsheets

Final Write-up (Wow Geometry is just cool)

Speaking of how cool geometry is, click here to see some of the work I have done in Math 7200 and 7210, Foundations of Geometry I and II

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